is a prototype application developed at the Jack Lab, Taipei Medical University that helps users manage their health and medical history in order to make the records readily available when needed. This personal health record can be saved in computer or mobile phone, used as reference information to support continuity of care at providers' offices or hospitals.
  1. Android phone
  2. Personal Computer with Internet connectivity (to upload medical data)
Single mobile phone can be used for a family. Regardless, each user must log in using their own username/password.

You can use TrEHRT even if you don’t have mobile phone by accessing your email account through PC.
How to get start with TrEHRT:
  1. Open your account by visiting
  2. Key in your demographic information
  3. Key in your health/medical information and click ‘save ’ button at the end of the page
  4. Install TrEHRT viewer on your android phone by downloading the software from the link provided below or from android market
  5. Run your TrEHRT program and login online mode by entering your ID and Password
  6. You will be able to view the information you provided on TrEHRT web page.
  7. Once you view your information on phone, it will be stored in your phone memory, so that hear after you can login offline mode to view your personal health record.

Download our Android APP for Android 1.5 This file already been download 388 time.
Download our Android APP for Android 2.0 This file already been download 409 time.


TrEHRT team wishes you a safe and a happy journey !