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What is Travelers Electronic Health Record Template (TrEHRT)?

TrEHRTis a portable personal health summary that stores a minimal data set of health information suitable for a traveler's use that does not have convenient access to his/her paper medical record or physician. It has a good interoperability by adopting main stream standards and it can be read or accessed by computer/mobile phone virtually worldwide. It includes a web-based interface and a personal mobile phone.
Health is unpredictable, eventually sometimes during our travel we may encounter some unavoidable circumstances like can be infected with a new disease of that area or can meet with an accident and we have to face the doctor and hospital who probably might not even know our language. To curb down the time wasted on recalling medical histories past and present medications, allergies and medical situation we could probably have an account which can be assessed on own mobile phones or on the computer by accessing our email account.
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